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 Some things you should know...


All the office chairs on this site are ergonomically approved (AFRDI or similar) the most basic ergonomic chair has two levers for gas height and back adjustment. It would help us when making an inquiry regarding a chair for your own personal use, to tell our sales person your approximate height and weight. This will enable us to recommend the right size ergonomic chair for you.


Mesh office chairs are also approved by rating authorities. The mesh office chair is used extensively in the 24/7 environment because the mesh seat and back can be freshened up after a shift change. The mesh office chair that is most sort after, is the E-human it has a headrest an addition active lumbar support, adjustable arms, forward and aft seat adjustment ideal if you are a tall person The mesh chair is rated to withstand 150 Kilos.


The leather office chair is ideal for the Executive that is not using a keyboard all day. The leather chair is designed to give good support whilst working at the desk but will recline to give maximum relaxation when conducting a meeting. Other designs in the leather chair is the 24/7 chair used frequently by Air Traffic Controllers and the Fire Services etc.


Our Chesterfield range is handmade here in Australia by English craftsmen. The timber frames are hand made from the finest European wood and the joints are screw glued and dowel fixed. The leathers are from Europe as well. Beca